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Welcome to the Neurological Recovery center

The Neurological Recovery Center is a unique PT practice whose professionals are dedicated to serving a clientele seeking the highest level of personalized one-on-one care. We have some of the most advanced robotics systems for intensive Gait therapy as well us upper extremity functional rehabilitation.

Through our customized clinical process we seek to identify individual needs, evaluate functional deficits and deliver the highest standards of care to help patient's achieve their goals.

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Functional Robotic Gait Therapy
High Repetition Gait Training

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Armeo Spring

Helping Patients to Grasp the Initiative and Reach Towards Recovery

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Early Rehabilitation with Robotic Mobilization and Functional Electrical Stimulation

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A safe, mobile and versatile training on the way back to an independent living.

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  • "I have a Spinal Cord Injury since 1998 and have been going through Physical Therapy for almost 20 years. Recently, we discovered the Neurological Recovery Center and from the very first visit I knew that this facility, filled with the very advanced, modern equipment & it's incredible, knowledgeable and compassionate staff, are by far the MOST EXCELLENT I have ever experienced. After being a patient in the Neurological Recovery Center for about three weeks, with a total disbelief & tears in my eyes, I watched my foot move for the very first time since my injury. And I know that this is just the beginning. I cannot stress out enough of how strongly I recommend the Neurological Recovery Center to someone who is looking for Physical Therapy. Especially if you have gone through Physical Therapy in the past with little to no results, I urge you to visit the Neurological Recovery Center, it may become the life changing experience you've been looking for. For me, It has already become one of those experiences! It has already helped me to take a great step forward, for which I will always be forever grateful to the creators of this incredible place - Bruce & Lee Anne Conti, and to everyone who work there every day doing everything in their power to help each patient reach above & beyond their goals! I am so very grateful to all of these outstanding professionals for what they have already done for me, and I cannot wait to see more incredible results in the future. Neurological Recovery Center, Thank You from the Bottom of My Heart! "."

    Dina Gritskevich, patient

  • "Our results have convinced us that the Lokomat with its robotic exoskeleton ensures consistently more natural walking patterns than manually assisted body-weight supported treadmill training or other mechanical approaches."."

    Alberto Esquenazi, MD

  • Picture: Hocoma, Switzerland

    "The Lokomat allows us to provide our patients with more intensive gait therapy. They experience more repetitions and are motivated by the Augmented Performance Feedback to actively contribute with maximum effort to their therapy..."

    Dale B. Hull, MD, Jan Black, MS, PT

  • "Hocoma's robotic equipment allows our patients to participate in continuous repetitive motions that help foster neuroplasticity, improve function, and quality of life. It allows our therapists to ensure proper mechaincs, ROM, strengthening, and endurance building. These products help keep our patients engaged and stimulated and has opened up a whole new world of recovery and hope for our clientele."."

    Jennifer Zoll, MS, PT, CKTP, Clinical Director

  • "The Neurological Recovery Center is leading the way not only in Greater Dallas/Fort Worth but for the whole nation. It is the only rehabilitation facility in the United States with a total of 5 Lokomats. We are extremely impressed with the ability of both the management and clinical team to achieve the best possible long term outcome for its patients while also building an entirely new business concept."."

    Frank Menzler, Executive VP and General Manager of North America, Hocoma Inc.

  • "Great people doing a great thing! Thank you."."

    Travis Lutter

  • "My daughter has been a patient at NRC for about 4 months now. She is 10 years old and has never walked. We met with the Physical Therapist, Jennifer, to see if my daughter would be a good candidate for the Locomat. Jennifer was awesome from the start. It was decided that my daughter could start "walking" in the Locomat along with some other physical therapy, like kneeling, etc. Rachel took over from there and I can't even describe the difference I see in my daughter! She has improved by leaps and bounds. The people at NRC are outstanding. They absolutely care about your progress. You're not just another patient. I have formed a bound with them all and will definitely keep taking my daughter there. We travel 1 hour each way, 2 times a week and it's worth every single mile. If you need someone who cares about your recovery and seeks with all their heart to help you improve, call them today!"."

    Rhonda Gable Salas, parent of patient

  • "This is the BEST physical therapy i have received! I've been to several therapists around the state of Texas--and never have I received results as quickly as I have from here! They are the nicest therapists! I travel 3 hours every Thursday to come to the BEST in the world. Love it! And absolutely feel so blessed to be able to work with Jennifer Zoll and her staff! ❤️"."

    Jennifer Coble, patient

  • "This place has done wonders for me! I have been a patient here since April 2016. I am a c7 quadraplegic after being in a car accident November 2015. I work on my balance, my rolling, leg extensions, hand therapy, and many other things. The therapists are so great! I also really enjoy the lokomat system they have. It's incredible to be able to walk again in that system!"."

    Sarah Milburn, patient

  • "I have been a patient at the NRC since September 2015. I suffered from three strokes in 2014 and lost the ability to move the right side of my body. I came to the Neurological Recovery Center in an ankle brace and with a significant limp. It is July 2016 and most people can not tell that anything happened to me. I am running again, my strength is almost equal on both sides, and I continue to exceed my therapy goals each session. I owe my continued success to the therapists at the NRC. I was told by therapists at other rehab clinics that I would not get any better, and that my future would always require an ankle brace. Well look at me now! Words can not express how blessed and grateful I am for everyone here! I have attended so many therapy places and I've had numerous therapists. No one and no place compares to this location! They aren't going to have you doing exercises or activities you can just do at home. I feel like every time I come, I am getting a real, quality therapy session. They have equipment that other places in the U.S. don't even have. They utilize everything they are given and they are changing lives! Please check them out and spread the word. I want everyone to have the same opportunity that I had. They will change your life! "."

    Caroline Elizabeth Sweeney, patient

  • "Great facilities with state of the art equipment. Caring kind hearted therapists that always put their pts needs first. Highly recommend for any neurological deficits!! And the clinical director is pretty amazing!! "."

    Chris Zoll